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Thai Oil Massage
Thai Oil Massage

Benefits of Thai oil massage:

Sam spa center is one of the leading and reputed spa chains in the hospitality industry. We are fully devoted to transforming your stressful and demanding life to a relaxed and a stress-free one. Visit Sam spa center and experience the wonderful and the heavenly world behind its closed doors. We offer a variety of services ranging from massages hair and skin treatment to your beauty regimen. Massages include Hot stone massage, Thai oil massage, deep tissue massage, full boy massage, etc. Thai oil massage is one of the more prominent services we specialize in. Don't believe us? We have a list of 6500 plus customers to back up our claim.

A beginner's guide to a Thai oil massage:

The origin of Thai massage in India goes back to as long as 2500 years ago. It has its roots in the method of acupressure and deep meditation. It is a blend of stretching techniques and oil. The stretching techniques have been borrowed by traditional Thai massage.The ambience is soothing and puts you in a trance when you enter the room. The soft melodious music washes a sense of calm over you. The aroma is like a treat for your smelling senses. The masseuse or the masseur hand you a piece of disposable clothing. Our therapists use lubricants, lotions and essential ayurvedic oil with healing properties while giving a Thai oil massage.This helps in enhancing the sensation of the massage.

It also helps in eliminating the friction caused from skin to skin contact.They spread out the oil throughout the body. The lower body is worked on at the beginning gradually elevating higher. The foot and the calves are thoroughly massaged with applying some intended pressure. Then the lower back is massaged with tender hand movements in circular rotations to release tension.Next comes the shoulders which are worked on intensively. Their hands move in a rhythmic pattern over the body and flows free to work on the strained parts. The massage strokes work on the stiff muscles and are successful at reducing some of the rigidity from the directed area. Thai oil massages are therapeutic in nature. Our experts work on pressure points to diffuse the tension.

Thai oil massage proves to be advantageous in ways more than one. It not only helps you unwind and relax but has several health benefitsas well. It deeply moisturizes your skin. It helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body. It also keeps your blood pressure under control. It leads to detoxification which aids in improving your immune system. After the massage, you can notice the range of movements your body is able to perform which it was unable to do so previously. Along with physical benefits, it gives you immense psychological satisfaction. It fixes your irregular sleeping pattern, reduces stress and releases endorphins which are popularly known as happy hormones. You can voice any discomfort you are feeling and our staff will take care of the concern. All you have to do is lie down and relax.

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